Children's feet
0-16 Years

Children’s feet

Some of the most common concerns from parents are about the child walking over or looking "flat footed" in their shoes. This can be quite normal as all children are generally flat footed until they start to develop their muscles and tendons around 8-12 Years old. However if the child is complaining or in discomfort or pain then you should seek advice. Our Podiatrists are trained to assess children's gait at every stage of their development, so we can provide you with the reassurance that your child is progressing normally or offer the necessary help and advice to deal with any problems we might identify. 

Ingrowing or poor nail cutting is also a cause of discomfort and can lead to infection in children. Foot Works can offer professional nail cutting, nail removal and advise going forward to minimise the problem. 

Foot ware can by the root cause of many foot problems, so advise is always on hand. We would generally advise a good supportive shoe with a strap or lace. Getting your child's feet measured at the shoe shop is also advised. 

Verruca  and wart within children are most common and something painful and unpleasant. Foot Works can offer a number treatments to suit your individual child's needs.