Sidas insoles

Sidas Semi-Bespoke Orthotic


Established in 2002, Sidas UK Ltd supplying specialist retailers and foot health professionals with a wide range of products and technology so they can satisfy each customer, patient or athlete with comfort, care and well being

Sidas has become the brand of choice for top athletes in a number of sports across the world, thanks to its innovative solutions.

The Podiatrists at Foot Works have been approved and selected by Sidas to work and collaborate with their experts to validate Sidas products and their benefits through scientific studies. Foot Work's can now offer a very sophisticated high quality orthotic without the cost and waiting time of custom made insoles. 

Sidas Carbon Orthotics

Excellent all rounder insoles for maximum support and comfort. These carbon fibre reinforced orthotics can be heat moulded and adjusted to fit each individual foot. The most outstanding benefit of Sidas insoles are the thinness which then fits into most foot ware without the bulk. 

Sidas Run

Runner insoles with all the off loading and cushioning needed with full support of arch and deep heel cup. 

Sidas Golf

Specially custom to golf shoes

Sidas City

For general everyday smart work shoes to provide comfort and pain reli

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