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Foot Works Pricelist


Nail Cutting . . . . £20
Enjoy a Luxury Foot Bath and Professional nail cutting plus filing/ reducing thick nails. (15 Mins)

Foot Care Treatment . . . . £34
Soak in a Luxury Foot Bath followed by professional nail cutting/reducing, callus/hard skin removal, corn treatment/ pain reduction finished with foot massage (30 Min)

Medi Pedi . . . . £47
Add a professional nail polish to your foot care treatment for the complete package 

Verruca & Wart Treatment . . . . £22.50
Using a painless but extremely effective Silver Nitrate application for troublesome Verruca’s and warts (may require 2/3 treatments)

Multiple Puncture Verruca Treatment . . . . £165
The New Best Thing for long standing determined Verrucae's. Using local anaesthetic to numb the foot we use a new technique of multiple puncture to the verruca. A one off treatment to reverse the virus.

Biomechanical Assessment . . . . £47
If you are suffering from foot/ankle/knee/hip pain or have concerns about your foot shape, A functional/Bio-mechanical assessment of the lower limb will help diagnose abnormality. Advice will be given and options for treatment.

Diabetic Foot Health Assessment . . . . £27.50
If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes or suffering from foot/leg cramping or pain you may need a Foot health assessment of circulation, nerves and reflexes. 

Orthoses/insoles from . . . . £35.00
Prescribed to fit your individual needs, pre-moulded insoles can help correct foot alignment to improve posture and reduce pain. Excellent for Walkers, Golfers, Sports and general cushioning. The insoles can be transferred between shoes. Please see our new SIDAS range or Semi Bespoke Carbon Fibre Insoles.

Custom-made Orthoses . . . . £225
Taken from an actual mould from your foot, custom made orthoses provide the optimum functional re-alignment treatment. Made from a highly versatile EVA plastic in various densities, these orthoses can endure high impact activities as well as provide comfort for daily wear. Custom materials/ colours and additional support can be chosen. The insoles can be transferred between shoes.

Nail Surgery . . . . £195 
The ultimate treatment for problematic in-growing or curved nails. Under local Anaesthetic of the toe, the sides of the nail or total nail is permanently removed. Restrictions may apply. (1 hour including medical and foot health assessment) BUPA RESIGISTRATION NOW COMFIRMED. PLEASE CALL WITH YOU INSURANCE DETAILS AND GET THIS TREATED TODAY

Creams & Ointments
A wide variety of specialist creams and ointments are available to purchase for conditions including Athletes foot, Fungal nail infections, Cracked heels and Odorous feet.

Gift Vouchers
For special occasions or to treat someone to the gift of comfortable feet 

Home Visits available at a flat rate charge of £37
discounts available for 2 or more persons per visit.

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