verrucas and warts

What is the difference between
a Verruca and
a Wart. 


Firstly, both pathologies are caused by irregular epidermal cell, caused by an infection in the epidermal keratinocytes by the double stranded DNA Human Papilloma Virus.

Or on short YOU HAVE A VIRUS.

The difference between verruca and wart tends to be a verruca works it way under the skin and although can look small on the surface underneath can be a large infection. Unfortunately, this type is very difficult to get rid of especially if your own body immunity is not detecting the virus. Verruca as be any where on the foot, more than 2 in one area we call a mosaic of verruca.

A wart tends to lay on top of the skin which is most unsightly, but good news, this is much more effective to treat and freezing it would be our method of choice. Warts also can be any where on the feet but we also see a lot on the fingers and hands.  

At Foot Works we have various methods of removing your verruca and warts and your podiatrist will discuss these with you on your first assessment of them. Please call in and see how we can help you today.

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