Medical and Health Care Institutions Information. 

Foot Works are a team of fully qualified state registered Podiatrists with a popular clinic based in West Kirby. We have been established since 2006 and have continued to grow through our excellent reputation. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, duty of care to our patients and community at value for money.

Medical and Care Institution we already have been servicing including 

  • Red Rocks Nursing Home, Hoylake. 

  • Hoylake cottage hospital, Hoylake. 

  • Woodland Nusing Home, West Kirby. 

  • McCarther Glen, Sand Banks Residential Home, Hoylake. 

What we Can Offer

Our Podiatrists are fully insured and qualified to treat and manage all types of foot problems. From simple nail cutting and maintenance to full foot care treatments which would include nails, corns and callous. Our Podiatrists also have to skills to address any more complexed conditions and give help and advice where needed. 

We bring quality equipment for a full domiciliary visit therefore your residents are assured to be comfortable and in safe hands. 


How it Works

With the help from staff we discuss your residents needs for foot care and understand any medical problems they may have such as diabetes, heart conditions etc. and medications they may be taking. All information pass is strictly confidential.  

Once the podiatrist has a list of resistance who need chiropody podiatry care, we arrange with you a convenient day to visit once a month. The same Podiatrist will come every time so the residences can build a trusting relationship and feel confident with the services. 

The treatments are private in their own rooms. No money is exchanged with the residents, we invoice you directly with a detailed list of resident’s name, room number and cost of treatment. We will then expect full payment within 14 days of invoice. This is how we work with our other residential homes.  To keep our prices low we have a minimum call out  policy for 5 people. 


What We Charge

£20 Professional Nail Cutting and Filing. 

£30 Full Foot Care Treatment, includes Nails, Corns, Callous, any additional problems. 

Both treatments end with a foot massage and CCS foot cream applied. 

If you are interested in our service at your establishment, please contact the Foot Works team and one of the Podiatrist will call out to discuss your needs further.